Electric Scooters; What Do You Need to Consider Before Buying One?

Being the market and in front of various different scooters makes it a difficult decision. However, with the right factors known, it is easier to find the scooter that would suit your need and renders it easier to make the right choice.

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How Did It Begin?

When in 2011, Razor launched a two-wheeled lightweight scooter as a toy, no one would have contemplated that the idea would become next to a phenomena in the upcoming years. With time, Razor and other companies continued their work to develop more sturdier scooters for adults which today have taken over the idea of micro-mobility. While most of the companies still worked on developing electric scooters that were suitable for kids, it was not until 2003 that Razor introduced motorized scooters that rushed at an exhilarating speed of 15 mph.


What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Scooter

There are various factors that influence the decision to buy an electric scooter and this article briefly discusses about all of these.


The speed of an electric scooter is determined by the power, weight, tyre quality and the surface. The ideal speed is 15 mph and it is further affected by weight and the surface. For instance, a person weighing more would go on a lesser speed and so would a ride that is riding up a steep hill.


Brakes are perhaps one of the most important features in an electric scooter as they ensure safety. There are three kinds of brakes usually found in a charged scooter and these are electric, disc and foot brakes all of which work distinctly enough to provide a safe journey.


The quality of  ride on an electric scooter is determined by the size and type of wheels. It is advised not to purchase a scooter of wheel less than 8 inches in diameter as they are more susceptible to being stuck.  Similarly air filled tyres or solid tyres are recommended because they do not get punctured easily especially on bumpy surfaces.